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Welcome to Fantastic Managers!

As a Human Resources Consultant, I specialise in coaching managers both on a one-to-one basis or as a tailored programme to meet specific needs.

Welcome to my website where I post helpful general information for those looking to improve their management and leadership techniques.

Post Covid, we are all facing some unprecedented challenges – not least how to keep our employees engaged and build back rapport. Such challenges include disconnected employees, fast changing markets and uncertainties in the “best way forward”.  Many organisations are going through change at a more rapid pace than ever before as we seek to find our way through new demands.

I am certain that careful and sensitive people management is at the heart of successful change and many manager-leaders recognise that they need to develop their interpersonal “power skills”.

This is where I can help.

” I am passionate about how good people management can improve business and secure a great future for an organisation”
Christine de Caux

My Short Bio:

Experienced in operational and strategic Human Resources within busy industrial and engineering companies,  I am an independent HR Consultant and Coach, working in the North East of England.

Within my provision of HR guidance and solutions, I focus on specialist coaching for managers and highly technical people to develop their people management and leadership skills.  Sharing  modern techniques, my emphasis is for practical application in the workplace. Understanding ourselves and our impact on others offers improved performance for the organisation and strategies to cope with unexpected challenges.

Many managers are feeling the strain of our new business environment, particularly those in SMEs and owner-managers. There is a wealth of information available through the internet but it can be overwhelming. So, my approach is to help individuals find the solutions for their own particular needs.

The easy-read blog posts on this website are a taster of my aim to help you in your leadership journey.

My skills and experience are supported by academic achievement to Masters Degree level in HRM.  A Chartered Fellow of CIPD, I am a qualified coach and  ILM tutor, regularly updating through continual professional development.

I have a network of independent HR consultants and, working as associates, we are able to collaborate on larger or niche projects.

Let me help you to succeed.

Disclaimer: Please note that although all efforts are made to ensure that content and comment are correct, no responsibility will be accepted for unapproved action taken on the basis of any information on this site.