Welcome to Fantastic Managers!

  • Do you want to feel better about how you deal with employee situations?  

  • Are you struggling with people management, worry how to motivate your employees and how to optimise their performance?

You are not alone.

Many managers and small business owners learn about people management from trial and error, never quite happy about the ways things have gone.

Through one-to-one coaching , I help managers with practical “how to” guidance, helping them to understand and develop their people skills.

The Fantastic Managers site complements that aim by offering helpful blogs, short bursts of information. 

Our sister site https://www. fantastic-managers.teachable.com is building  generic practical courses that you can access at your own pace: a mentor on your desktop when you need it.

During many years experience working in industry, I have seen how often new managers are “thrown in at the deep end” with very little people skills and they are left to “sink or swim”.  This is often a problem for highly technical people who are promoted to a people management role. 

Sadly, all too common.

my personal aim is to help you turn the worry about people management into a fascinating and rewarding experience.